Billboard adoption

When a couple from the United States, who did not want to reveal their name, adopted a little boy two years ago, they were very happy. The long wait to be fulfilled as parents ended as they wished.

Now, together with their two-year-old son, they are ready to become parents again. This time they decided to try a less conventional way to "find a child for adoption." The American couple decided to buy a place on the billboard and put up an ad with a phone number and website. Such advertisement costs $ 2,000 each month. It hung over busy New Jersey street.

The place of posting the "advertisement" is not accidental. In New Jersey, young mothers have only 72 hours to change their minds about putting a child into adoption. However, in Maryland, where the steam comes from, this period is much longer and lasts up to 30 days.

The couple emphasizes that in this way not only looking for a child, but gives a clear signal to all young mothers who for some reason do not want or cannot raise children, that there are other couples who will be happy to look after their descendant.

What do you think about this idea?