The skin of the crocodile. African legend for kids

Legends are very old tales, passed down from generation to generation. In addition, the legends are stories with messages, stories full of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will be very useful to educate children.

In this African legend from Namibia, 'The skin of the crocodile', It warns us of the consequences of showing off too much in front of others. Seeking an excess of admiration in others can make us commit acts that ultimately have bad consequences.

Legend has it that a long, long time ago, crocodiles had smooth, golden skin. So smooth and golden, it looked like gold. And they also say that the crocodiles spent the day under water. Crocodiles loved muddy waters and only came out at night.

Legend has it that every time the crocodiles came out of their muddy water, the moon was reflected in their smooth and shiny skin, and all the animals that went to drink water in the swamp at that time, gaped, admiring the beautiful and resplendent golden skin of crocodiles.

Crocodiles, proud of this effect caused by their skinThey decided to get out of the water during the day. So they could show off their skin under the sun's rays. In this way, the local animals began to go to drink water not only at night, but also during the day, because they did not want to stop admiring the wonderful skin of the crocodiles.

But it happened that the sun, strong and bright, began to dry the skin of the crocodiles. And since his skin had a layer of mud, every day it got uglier and uglier.

Seeing this change in the crocodile skin, the other animals began to stop admiring them. As the days passed, the crocodiles had more and more cracked skin, and the animals stopped going to the swamp to contemplate it.

Over time, the crocodiles had so damaged skin that they stayed with it as they are now, full of hard brown scales. The other animals, of course, stopped drinking during the day. And the crocodiles stopped causing admiration.

Crocodiles never recovered from the shame and humiliation and since then, when others approach them they quickly hide in the water. Only eyes and nose appear.

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