What are the best materials for baby clothes

Babies' skin is extremely sensitive, delicate and fine, and it is unprotected against external agents. Newborns are more exposed to substances that could harm them by causing allergies and other illnesses. In addition, they easily lose their body temperature, so it is important to take into account the following tips when choosing materials for our baby's clothes.

1. The best fabrics for baby clothes are undoubtedly natural especially in the case of garments that are in direct contact with your skin, since through it they can absorb toxins.

2. Experts recommend using materials like cotton 100%, since it reduces the risk of allergies or skin rashes, it perspires well so it helps you maintain your body temperature, it is softer, prevents electrical currents that cause for example synthetic fabrics, and also washes easily .

3. Other fabrics such as silk, nylon or lycra are not recommended because synthetic materials can cause allergies and other diseases in the baby, in addition in some cases they impede their comfort by feeling tight.

When choosing clothes for our baby, it is also advisable to take into account their comfort and safety, therefore the experts advise:

Avoid wool and angora as they shed fluff and can irritate the baby's skin.

Avoid hard fabrics and seams.

- Opt for garments that do not have waists with zippers, better with rubber.

Brackets are preferred over buttons to prevent the baby from sucking and choking. Also better of plastic than metallic to avoid allergies.

- For the baby to maintain body temperature better to choose bodysuits than t-shirts, as well as pants, pajamas with feet or rompers compared to other types of clothing.

- Bows, ornaments and accessories can be very dangerous for babies due to the risk of choking if the baby sucks or tears them off.

Cristina González Hernando. Editor of our site

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