20 month old baby. Baby development month by month

The 20 month old baby He has more and more autonomy, and it is also a challenge for him to carry out certain tasks. It is normal for you to want to do things like walk up and down stairs without help, pick up silverware to eat, or participate in household chores.

Her balance is getting better and better, her body is moving further and further away from the rounded shapes and folds of babies to gain muscle and be more defined. Curiosity is one of the most outstanding characteristics of this stage.

During the first months of the baby's life, it is normal to weigh him every week to make sure that the growth is being correct and that he gains kilos constantly. However, at this age, if the child is at a normal weight, it is not necessary to be so strict, the pediatrician can confirm if his weight is normal.

The average weight of the twenty-month-old baby is 11.8 kilograms and his height is 81 centimeters.

His motor development progresses little by little. You will be able to observe their small achievements. Now his balance is much better and he has more agility. Can run and climb stairs.

He has not mastered fine motor skills yet, but if you give him a pencil and paper, he will scribble and trace freely.

His vocabulary is still small, he knows about 15 words, but he can make himself understood by pointing to objects or crying. He imitates the words he hears from adults, and at this stage the 'no' appears.

It is a word that parents will hear a lot from the baby's 20th month, since they use it much more frequently than 'yes'.

The baby can already take all the food groups divided into five meals: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner. Daily consumption of milk and its derivatives is recommended, as well as fruits, vegetables and bread. As for fish and meat, it is convenient that at least four or five days a week are included in your diet, while eggs only twice a week.

To help you improve your balance, we can perform psychomotor circuits at home to climb, jump or go under elements. As for language, songs and reading stories to them will help them gain vocabulary.

It is a good idea to learn to pick up his toys from an early age and make it a habit. Buying a basket or box where to put them all will help you in the task.

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