June 17: annual leave became a fact

June 17 is a very important date for parents of children from the year 2013. Just today the law giving mother and dad the right to stay with the baby longer at home comes into force. Attention! This date is especially important for parents who are ending their holiday according to the old rules today. Such parents, if they want to take advantage of the six-month vacation period, should still apply for it today.

Pursuant to the amended provisions, from June 17, 2013, parents of all children born after December 31, 2012 are entitled 20 weeks maternity leave (including 14 reserved only for the mother), six weeks of additional leave and 26 weeks of parental leave. An additional father or mother may take additional parental leave.

If the child was born on January 1, 2013, the deadline for submitting applications for additional leave is today. Exceptional rules apply to women who gave birth after January 1, 2013, but used maternity leave before the birth of the child. In such a situation, even if the mother returned to work, she has the right to return to leave (despite the fact that his continuity was interrupted). To submit an application for additional leave to the employer, the parent has 7 days from the entry into force of the Act, while parental leave may apply at the latest on the day on which the additional leave ends.

The right to the allowance applies not only to full-time parents, but to all those who pay the voluntary sickness contribution: also self-employed and working under civil law contracts.

Pursuant to the amended law, maternity leave can be used before delivery (up to 6 weeks before the planned date of delivery: currently up to 2 weeks before the planned date of delivery).