Bullying between siblings. Causes and symptoms

Many parents think that bullying is only a matter of school and because of parents who have not known how to educate their children well. But bullying can go far beyond the school gates or from the neglect of the school or the rudeness of the parents ... bullying can be within a home and between siblings.

Sibling bullying is much more common than most people think. A large part of bullying between siblings has to do with the rivalry or competition they may feel with each other, or that they are not the same for their parents. This situation, if adequate measures are not taken, can become considerably worse. The family home is the place where a child should feel safe and in full comfort, the negative impact of a child when his abuser lives right in the next room can be horrible.

Sibling harassment it is a form of violence between them. It is more common when children are young, but it can also reach adulthood, something that can seriously affect children.

Parents need to be vigilant to know that your children are having problems where one has taken the role of the stalker and the other is a victim who is having a hard time. On many occasions the victims of their siblings prefer to hide their discomfort for fear of reprimands. There are some red flags that parents should look closely at to know something is wrong:

1. Insults and psychological violence towards a brother. Name calling is the most common sign of sibling bullying. An insult can do more harm than even physical abuse. Many insults can destroy a child's self-esteem causing him to have problems in his life. Any form of negativity from one sibling to another must be dealt with immediately.

2. Physical assaults. Children can become frustrated when they cannot express their emotions assertively by not being able to discuss the things that bother them. Instead they lash out at their siblings and physically assault them (kicking, hitting, pinching, pulling hair, etc.). Physical aggression should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

3. Ganging (when more than two siblings are involved in bullying another). Siblings may collude to attack a sibling and this will lead to an unequal fight. For example, they can make the sibling victim feel lonely and can even lead to anxiety or depression.

4. Try to destroy the brother in any way (physical, social, psychological). It can range from breaking a brother's favorite toy, to making fun of him socially in front of known people such as friends and family or strangers, such as at a bar.

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