The dog that wanted to be a human being. Modern fables

The dog that wanted to be a human being it is a modern fable, written by Augusto Monterroso. It is a cautionary tale that teaches children to accept themselves as they are.

Fables are short stories that contain a teaching. Generally they are carried out by animals and although Aesop and La Fontaine are the best known authors of fables, in recent times authors have emerged who are enriching the literary panorama with new and current fables, like this one.

In the house of a wealthy merchant in Mexico City, surrounded by comforts and all kinds of machines, there lived not long ago a Dog who had got into his head to become a human being, and he worked hard in this.

After several years, and after persistent efforts on himself, he walked with ease on two legs and sometimes felt that he was about to be a man, except for the fact that he did not bite, he wagged his tail when he encountered someone. known, he would walk around three times before going to bed, salivate when he heard the church bells, and at night he would climb a wall to moan, long gazing at the moon.

Moral: you have to accept the essence of each one

Author: Augusto Monterroso

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