Disney cookie decoration for children with fondant

We suggest you carry out a very stimulating activity for children: decorate cookies. It is a task that helps them improve fine motor skills, introduces them to the kitchen in a playful way, entertaining and very fun and also, it is a great way to spend a different afternoon.

To make these cookies from the children's favorite Disney characters, we will use a novel material called plasti chuche. It is a moldable paste like plasticine and, of course, edible.

  • Shaped cookies
  • Templates
  • Toothpick
  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Plasti candy of colors or fondant

Tip: You can also use fondant to decorate the cookies.

1. Bake some cookies with molds of Mickey Mouse, Jake and the Never Land Pirates or other Disney characters.

2. To decorate Mickey Mouse, you have to cut out two templates equal to those in the image, one for the head and one for the outline of the face.

3. Knead a piece of black plasti with the roller and lift it off the table each time you roll so that it does not stick while you carry out the process.

4. Put the template of the head on top and with a toothpick, click the plasti chuche to cut the desired area. When you have it, put a little water with the brush on the part that you are going to put on the cookie and carefully put it on it.

5. Mix a little white candy plasti with orange and knead it well so that it takes the color of the skin. Use the small template and toothpick again to outline Mickey Mouse's face and put it on the cookie.

6. It only remains to decorate the face. You have to make two white churritos for the eyes and on these put two smaller black balls. The nose will be another bigger black ball and for the mouth we will make a black crescent on which we will put pink candy plasti with a slight cut in the middle to make the tongue.

7. Following this procedure you can also make Jake and the Never Land Pirates or other favorite characters of your children.

Cookie decorating course for children taught by Tartilandia
Courtesy of Disney Channel

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