Logic puzzle for kids

Puzzles are games with which we can stimulate the logic of children. In We propose a series of riddles and games for children to stimulate their ability to reason.

Through riddles, children test their reasoning and their ability to attend to small details. They are great exercises to enhance logic in childhood

Puzzle of the farmer who has to cross a river

1- A farmer wants to cross the river and take with him a wolf, a goat, and some cabbages. There is a boat in which he fits with either the wolf or the goat or the cabbages. If the wolf and the goat were left alone on the shore, the wolf would eat the goat. If the goat and the cabbages were left alone on the shore, the goat would eat the cabbages.

How can the farmer take the wolf, the goat, and the cabbages to the other side of the river?

Solution: He takes the goat (leaving the wolf and the cabbages behind) and returns alone. He takes the wolf and returns with the goat. Now we have the farmer, the cabbages and the goat on one side and the wolf on the other. He takes the cabbages and comes back alone and finally takes the goat.

Puzzle of children who want to cross a river

Two children want to cross a river. The only way to get to the other side is by boat, but the boat can carry only one child at a time. The boat cannot return alone, there are no ropes or similar tricks, however the two children manage to reach the other side using the boat.


Solution: The two children were on opposite shores.

Apple basket puzzle

You have a basket with ten apples and you have ten friends. Every friend wants an apple and you give it to him. Within a few minutes each of your friends has an apple, however there is an apple left in the basket.


You give an apple to each of the first nine friends, and a basket with an apple to friend number ten. Each friend has an apple and there is an apple in the basket

Bird hunter puzzle

There are 5 birds in a tree, a hunter comes and kills one, how many are left?

Solution: none, the rest flew away when they heard the shot.

Riddle of the Ark of Moses

How many pairs of animals was Moses carrying in his boat when the flood broke out?

Solution: It wasn't Moses, but Noah

Derailing train logic game

A train derails right on the border between Brazil and Argentina, where are the survivors buried? In Brazil or in Argentina?

Solution: they are survivors, they should not be buried.

Riddle of the parrot that did not speak

A woman buys a parrot in a pet store that, according to the clerk promises, is capable of repeating everything he hears. And yet the woman returns the animal a week later since it has not uttered a single sound, despite the fact that it has spoken to it continuously. However, the clerk has not misled her. What happened?

Solution: the parrot is deaf

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