Phaedrus Fables for Children

In We have compiled several of the most famous children's fables by Phaedrus, so that with them you can teach and educate your children in values.

Next to fables of Aesop, Samaniego or La Fontaine, those of Phaedrus are the most famous and the ones that you can use the most to transmit positive messages to children. Legends, children's stories and fables are a great tool for us educators.

Phaedrus, a Roman writer of the 1st century AD, published 101 fables. All of them with a clear didactic and moralizing intention. Some of his compositions are taken from Aesop's fables, but most come from his personal experience or are inspired by the Roman society of the time.

Among all the lessons that Phaedrus intends to teach with his fables, he stands out among all that we should not trust or help the wicked because they will not be grateful to us. Here are some examples:

The wolf and the goat. our site brings you children's stories, legends and fables for children that will help mothers, fathers and teachers to explain certain behaviors difficult to understand.

Of a sick kite. our site brings you the fable written by Phaedrus 'Of a sick kite'. With this short story you can teach your child values ​​such as sincerity and respect for others.

A hunter and a dog. If you are looking for fables, short stories or legends with which to teach your children valuable life lessons, our site recommends the fable of Phaedrus, 'A hunter and a dog'.

The horse and the wild boar. On our site you can find the children's fable of Phaedrus, 'The horse and the boar'. Fables and stories can teach children many things and you can find a good example here.

The wolf and the crane. On our site you can find the best fables of Phaedrus so that you can explain to your children how they should behave in certain situations in life.

The two bitches. Phaedrus, Aesop or La Fontaine try to explain through their famous fables, attitudes and facts that are difficult for children to understand. On our site you can find many of them that will help you with your education.

The wolf and the horse. The fable of Phaedrus that you can find on our site, 'The wolf and the horse', will help all those moms and dads who want to teach their child to distrust the wicked.

The fox and the raven. On our site you can find a lot of fables, legends or children's stories that will surely help you educate your children in values.

The hungry dogs. If you are looking for short stories and fables for children with which to teach values ​​to your children, our site recommends the fables of Phaedrus.

The rooster and the pearl. The Rooster and the Pearl is a children's fable about the relative value of things. Not everything has the same value for everyone. It also has a second reading about disregarding the most valuable things when you don't know what they are.

The bulls and the frogs. Fables convey many teachings to children. behind a simple tale hides a popular wisdom from years of transmission. The moral that they give off carry with them important moral values ​​that we must instill in children. In The Bulls and the Frogs, they will teach us that the discussion of the powerful hurts the weaker.

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