70 years pregnant?

Can fertility years be prolonged indefinitely? Today's pharmacological measures and the progress of medicine allow children to be of old age. However, is there a border that must not be crossed? Should wrinkles, age spots and gray hair stop us from getting pregnant?She just started a controversial campaign called "Get Britain Fertile", which gives the right to have children only to young women. The originator of Kate Garraway, a 46-year-old mother of two children is the face of the action. Transformed by make-up artists into an old woman, she presents her different state, simply saying: it's too late to have children.

Garraway herself gave birth at the age of 38 and 42 and despite the fact that she would like to have another child, she says openly: "I am too old". He adds that, in a sense, he regrets not having decided for children sooner.

This campaign is about to start a discussion about consequences of delayed delivery. In the UK, where she takes off, women decide on their first child an average of a few years later than in other countries. In the United States, in the face of recession, many couples are also giving up on their offspring, planning to expand their family in the future. Meanwhile, the campaign authors emphasize that we have no influence on our own fertility and the possibility of getting pregnant decreases significantly with age. The first clear symptoms are observed around the 30th birthday, and the next drastically reducing the chance of conception occur around 37 years of age.

The campaign is controversial. Many women are mad at the form and message, clearly disagreeing with them. They claim that they have the right to decide when they will have children and no one can tell them that when they get pregnant later, they choose worse.

And what do you think about it?