Iriarte's children's fables with a moral

In You will find the children's fables of Iriarte that, together with those of Fedro, Samaniego, Aesop or La Fontaine, can help educators to teach values, feelings and attitudes to children.

Iriarte, a Spanish writer and poet from the 18th century, is considered the introducer of literary fables in Spain. A consideration that motivated a long fight with his counterpart and friend, Félix María Samaniego.

In most of his fables, Tomás de Iriarte writes about one of the worst and common feelings of children and adults: envy. Parents and teachers can help each other with these little stories to transmit to the smallest values ​​such as effort and companionship.

The bear, the monkey and the pig. This famous fable by Tomás de Iriarte, 'The bear, the monkey and the pig', speaks to us of sincerity. It is a very short fable that your son will understand. It stars three cute animals: a bear, a monkey and a pig. Find out how the bear realized which of the other animals was lying.

The crow and the turkey. 'The crow and the turkey' is part of the extensive collection of Iriarte fables that our site has collected. Thanks to stories, legends and fables we can give our children valuable life lessons.

The two rabbits. The fable of 'The two rabbits', by Tomás de Iriarte, warns children about the importance of not getting carried away by details and paying attention to what is really important. Faced with a problem to be solved, the most important thing is not to lose focus on what is really important and not get carried away by unimportant details.

The ox and the cicada. On our site you can find the fable of Iriarte, 'The ox and the cicada'. A small fable with a moral or children's legend that teaches children to understand the behavior of others.

The donkey and his master. The ass and the master is one of the many fables of Iriarte that you can find on site. Thanks to these short stories with a moral, we can teach life lessons to children.

The gallon maker and the lacemaker. On our site you can find the moral fable 'The gallon maker and the lacemaker'. A short story that helps us transmit values ​​to children.

The horse and the goat. For all those moms or educators who are looking for children's fables with a moral, our site offers 'The horse and the goat'. a fable of Iriarte.

The cat and the Mouse. On our site you can find a multirud of stories, fables and legends, which help us to educate and teach our children fundamental values ​​for coexistence.

Fables with moral of Iriarte. 'The macaw and the marmota' is one of Tomás Iriarte's fables that you can find at Thanks to fables and stories we amuse the children while we teach them.

The gardener and his master. If you are looking for help to try to educate your children in the values ​​of effort and work, on our site you can find the fable of Iriarte, 'The gardener and his master'.

The silkworm and the spider. On our site you can find 'The silkworm and the spider', a fable by Iriarte that will be of great help to parents and educators who want to explain values ​​to children.

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