Linea alba in pregnancy, what is it?

If you are pregnant, observe your belly, it is possible that a dark line has arisen in it and runs from the pubis to the navel, even sometimes even higher. His name is dawn line And even though you've never seen it before, it was already there before your gut started to grow.

Also known as black line or nigra and in some cases it is accompanied by hair growth in the area. It is more visible in pregnant women with brown skin.

The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy are responsible, among other things, for variations in melanin, that substance in charge of pigmenting the skin. Therefore, both estrogens and progesterone are responsible. You will also be able to appreciate that the nipples have acquired a darker tone.

The linea alba is usually appreciated, especially after the fifth month of gestation and usually disappears after delivery, when the belly gradually returns to its being. Hair also disappears, although this entire process can take up to 9 months or even a year.

However, in women who have already had more than one pregnancy, the line may show up earlier, during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Nothing can or should be done to make the dawn line disappear, it is not advisable to use bleaching creams or other chemical. You just have to wait for hormone levels to return to the same as before pregnancy.

It is advisable to protect your belly with sunscreen in case of sun exposure to prevent it from darkening even more.

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