How to report a case of cyberbullying in children

How to report a case of cyberbullying in children

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If parents detect that their child is being harassed on social networks or through email by one or more people, which is known as cyberbullying, it is important that they know how to react to it.

It is not only important so that you can help your child and give him the emotional support he needs, but also to stop that situation that is occurring and prevent bullies from acting freely and with impunity within any digital platform and protected by the anonymity that they provide.

Most of the time, users cannot delete content that a third party has posted on the internet to humiliate or mock another, even with the collaboration of the harasser, since this content has sometimes been disclosed by third, fourth or fifth persons.

Parents can turn to report to the social network where abuse is taking place, and report the bullying to which your child is being subjected so that appropriate action is taken. In the case of email, the providers of these services also have a reporting channel if we suspect that someone has entered our email without permission.

If the situation is serious, it is advisable that parents go to the State Security Forces so that they can identify your child's bully and bring him to justice.

The police investigation will be more effective and quicker if the parents provide evidence of what is happening. For this it is convenient to store the conversations, messages, images or videos that are related to the events. However, in some cases these tests may not have judicial validity if there is no absolute truth about their origin or they have been subject to manipulation. In any case, all the evidence that can be provided is essential to be able to stop the situation of harassment to which the child is being subjected.

In other cases, it may only be the Internet service providers who have such evidence that will have to be requested in court.

Source: S.O.S. Guide Against Cyberbullying of the National Institute of Communication Technologies (INTECO)

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