Game ideas for children to learn the letters of the alphabet

You can teach your child the alphabet by playing with plasticine of all colors. Sit with him and write his name in letters made of clay.

The puzzles will be even more interesting for children if they compose an alphabet.

Eating and learning at the same time is fun too. Alphabet soup is a good idea for children to have fun and learn the alphabet at the same time.

Letters, made of plastic or wood, can also be used to identify, for example, your child's room.

The alphabet is also learned with books. Uppercase letters, lowercase letters and the occasional word that begins with the chosen letter.

Many children love to play with magnetic pieces, on the blackboard or even those that are glued to the fridge. Those of the letters of the alphabet are very interesting and attractive for children.

In the kitchen you can also learn a, b, c ... We can make cookies with letter molds, learn, eat and play at the same time.

Pictures are good tools for learning the alphabet. The drawing will be more interesting if you relate it to some animal, object or something else that begins with that letter.

If you put one in front of the other, you stick the heads and the hands together, you will form the letter A. If you put one side of the other and put your hands together, you will form an M. We can form letters with our bodies.

Cubes can be put to good use to teach children the alphabet and even to start building words.

Having a poster with the letters related to an object or product that begins with each one of them will also help the child learn the alphabet.

The bathroom is also a great time to teach the alphabet to children. Buy some letters and play with your child during his bath.

Playing 'limp' or hopscotch can also be a good option to learn to visualize and write the alphabet.

PVC play mats are also a good alternative for abc learners. They can play with letters and learn at the same time.

Buy a chalkboard for your child. Preferably one that already has some letters of the alphabet printed, so that he can try to copy them.

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