10 habits to develop in children before adolescence

Psychologists recommend correcting bad habits, behaviors or habits of children from the earliest stages. Setting rules and limits in the education of children is essential, not only to create a good coexistence at home, but also to lay the foundations for the future.

Before the dreaded time of adolescence arrives and it costs much more to correct children's behaviors, it is convenient to get down to work and instill in children all these habits:

1. Take time each day to talk: adolescents tend to withdraw into themselves and do not like to talk too much, to prepare the way and avoid this isolation, we can get into the habit of talking a little with them every day.

2. Have dinner together: It is a great time to connect and the family is usually together at that time. It is also a great time to talk as a family.

3. Do not use the mobile at the table: Children observe and imitate us, if we don't want our adolescent son to eat tomorrow while chatting with his friends on the phone, don't do it.

4. Speak their language: It is important to keep up to date on the applications, devices or programs that they use. It is important to stay in touch with them and their world as they grow up.

5. Keep the love alive: Even if they get older and no longer want so many hugs or kisses, maintaining physical contact is important. Hugging and kissing children is a basic display of affection.

6. Get to know your friendsParents must know which children our children hang out with. We have to pay attention to their friends and the people around them, especially if they change friends or start to hang out with people you don't know.

7. Find affinities: It could be playing chess, riding a bike, running, or watching space documentaries. When I am a teenager we will be able to maintain the connection through hobbies and pastimes.

8. Know your interests: As he grows, he will change his hobbies or interests, knowing what he likes or is passionate about or what he hates will help you not lose track of your child and continue to know him.

9. Let them be wrong: Overprotection does not favor them, we must let them learn from their mistakes and, above all, stay close to help them overcome them.

10. Don't be authoritarian: During infancy, the child may be receptive to commands, but as they grow older, the more authority we impose on them, the more they will try to rebel.

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