Hair loss after childbirth

Postpartum hair loss is one of the biggest concerns for women when it comes to beauty. After the baby arrives, the woman may notice a greater amount of hair on the brush, on the pillow, when showering ... Even as it begins to light, the hair loss is real, and it generates a lot of anxiety in the postpartum.

However, we must reassure new mothers, as it is a normal process; and it will recover the amount of hair in a time.

During pregnancy, the entire body is affected by the action of hormones, and hair is no exception. This undergoes changes due to hormones released by the placenta, and the woman may feel that her hair is better than ever, or her hair becomes more brittle, greasy and lifeless.

Also during pregnancy the hair falls out less, because hormones keep hair growing.

Once a woman gives birth, usually two or three months after giving birth, there is a massive, sudden and abrupt loss of all that hair that has not been lost during pregnancy.

With which we can say that the hair fell not associated with breastfeeding, as many think; since it is a hormonal factor related to pregnancy. With what a woman who breastfeeds will have the same fall as a woman who feeds her child with a bottle.

- Food is very important, since the hair bulb is nourished by the vitamins and minerals it receives through the bloodstream. What you should do is eat a varied and healthy diet and not only to strengthen hair, but also for your health and that of your baby.

- Increases the consumption of fruits and vegetables, dairy and cereals.

- Avoid aggressive hair treatments, excessive use of hair dryers and irons, and use a mild shampoo with a neutral pH value.

- Use nutritional supplements to strengthen the hair and give it density and volume, as well as specific lotions and shampoos for hair loss, but when in doubt consult the midwife, as some are not compatible with the period of pregnancy and lactation.

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