Babies are getting more alert every day

It amazes me more and more how babies, even the smallest ones, are capable of absorbing, capturing, and imitating the sounds and many of the movements that occur around them. There are babies who imitate the barking of dogs, those who talk through the elbows from an early age, and also those who, before taking their first steps, manage to dance even if they have to hold on to some furniture. Their parents are drooling! And is not for less...

There are babies who are more alert! ... Early stimulation plays an important role in this liveliness. Today babies watch television, listen to different musical rhythms, begin to browse books from a very young age, play with their peers in nurseries, and their parents are more aware of them every day. Many parents try, due to lack of time, to improve the quality of the time they share with their little ones, teaching them to cuddle, talk, sing, dance, and by making videos like this one, in which a baby dances with Beyoncé.

Children have surprising abilities from a young age. They dance, sing ... and even become real circus performers. They play with the advantage of having wonderful flexibility and a lot of curiosity to try everything.

Just remind you that if you have recorded a video of your child doing a skill such as singing or dancing, in you can share it with other parents. On the other hand, if apart from that you want to see the best children's videos on the Internet, you can also do it here. Cheer up!

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