10 commandments to be good parents

Being a father is one of the most wonderful experiences and also one of the most complicated, especially if what we are looking for is to be the best parents.

It is not an easy task to be a good father and perhaps, along the way, we will make mistakes, but if we have clear rules or commandments, the objective will be easier. In We help you with this decalogue to be the best fathers and mothers.

1. Love your children above all things: They will be our priority in life and we will support them in every moment of their life.

2. Take care of the children: children need to be cared for, educated and cared for. Your well-being will come before our pleasures or interests.

3. Reserve time for them: whether to play, listen, talk or laugh. Spending time with your children stimulates and strengthens the bond.

4. Be an example: children imitate everything they see, we will be consistent between what we ask of them and what we do.

5. Set rules and limits: We will explain to the children what we expect of them and what are the basic rules of coexistence so that they can apply them.

6. Do not yell: We will learn to control our emotions and impulses and we will speak to them with respect, avoiding hurting their feelings.

7. Do not paste: never, under any circumstances, will we use physical punishment to reprimand them for their behavior. Physical violence does not educate.

8. Talk to them: we will take care of dialogue in the family, creating a climate of trust in which the child knows that he can talk about any issue that concerns him. We will always maintain open communication with our children.

9. Don't overprotect: We will not decide for them, nor will we avoid them or solve all their problems, but we will give them the necessary arguments and knowledge so that they can fend for themselves.

10: Learn from children: children can give us great lessons, we will listen to their childish wisdom.

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