Baby's first contact with the sea

I still remember my son picking up the sand from the beach by handfuls and putting it in his mouth, as if he had shovels instead of hands. And how he turned around, skipped the waves and kept pebbles and shells in the bucket as if they were magnificent treasures. The first time you stepped on the beach, froze, feet sunk to the ankles, pointing to that thin and soft carpet that he had not yet stepped on. I wish I was in his eyes, his ears, his hands. Because he, like us, surely will forget over the years that magical moment ... or not?

Maybe they have a memory of that first time. The first time his eyes contemplated the infinite and overwhelming sea; the first time they felt the saltpeter on their lips; the first time they heard the melodic murmur of the waves; the first time they ran barefoot along the shore ... Because the beach for us may be rest, or dreaminess or perhaps stress and exhaustion from not being able to stop watching over our children. But for them, the beach is suddenly transformed into an open-air school, where you learn by touching, listening, testing, imagining.

The sea, the sand, the conches and shells, the sound of the waves. Everything becomes stimuli for the baby. If the sea seems immense to us, imagine what it will be before those tiny eyes, still half naked before the amount of colors that the world gives us. I always remember Orlando, a boy who met the sea when he was six years old. In her bright eyes and wide open mouth, I see my son reflected in that first contact with the beach.

Astonishment, disbelief, fear, doubt, admiration ... That first moment conveys hundreds of new sensations. That is why it is so important that the baby lives that moment with freedom. Do not prevent him from sinking his hands in the sand, or approaching the waves, or looking for shells. Do not forbid him to wallow on the shore, or taste the salt water. Do not forbid him to experiment. Remember that they are learning, and the beach, the sea, is a privileged teacher for them.

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