Homemade crafts for back to school

We can make going back to school a very fun time and even that the children want with enthusiasm. The smallest of the house love to prepare their cases, pens and notebooks, but also, from We suggest you make them at home and personalize them with fun and original motifs. They will be the attraction of the rest of colleagues.

Ideas to make cases, pencil holders, notebooks and other school supplies in a homemade and fun way.

Minions pencil holder. On our site we show you how to make a Minions desk organizer. It is about making with recycled material, in this case, rolls of toilet paper, several pencil holders with the figure of these funny animated characters.

Ice cream stick pencil holder. There are many different ways to make homemade pencil holders, most of them from soda cans or plastic bottles. On our site we have planned to make a pencil pot out of popsicle sticks and a roll of toilet paper.

Pencil case. We teach you how to make a nice case for school pencils with the face of a hippopotamus. We have decorated it with a hippo face but you can let your imagination fly and create one of a mouse, cat or giraffe. An easy and simple craft to do with children on weekends or in the afternoons.

Minions notebook. Would you like to make a very original craft for back to school? On our site we explain how to decorate notebooks and notepads with the face of the Minions: the good and the bad.

Desk organizer. Desk organizer made of paper. Origami or origami craft for children. Children can have their own desk organizer very easily and inexpensively. On our site we teach you how to do it, following the origami technique.

Erasers. We teach you how to make homemade erasers for the children's back to school. How to make homemade erasers or erasers, with flour and silicone.

Stress ball. Have you ever used a stress ball? They help calm and relax in a certain moment or situation, such as going back to school. On our site we suggest you make a homemade stress ball with your children.

Ornaments for the pencil. How to make ornaments for animal pencils. On our site we teach you how to decorate pencils with original figures of animals for back to school. These are crafts made with eva rubber.

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