Why don't dads never stay?

Have you ever wondered why parents or yourself do not have the detail to be with their children in what is important to them? Some time ago a parent sent us his experience on that. We share it with you because I think it is most appropriate and deserves a reflection on the part of all.

'As I do from Monday to Friday, the other day I went to drop off my 8-year-old daughter to her artistic gymnastics training, when we got to the door, the coach told a group of parents that there would be a drill that day competition and that unlike normal training we could stay to see them or return in two hours for them. There was a small silence, the girls looked expectantly, but without giving much importance to the coach's comment, we said goodbye to our daughters with a kiss, agreeing to return for them later.

When we were leaving I managed to hear a girl who between complaint, joke and seriousness, said to her teammates and coach Why don't dads never stay? That question hit me like a bucket of cold water and made me think for a long time. Why don't dads never stay? Why do parents lose sight of those little details that go unnoticed for us but are so important for our children? Why don't dads go to their school events, to the public class, to the speech contest, to the spring festival, to the father's day race; to the inn, to soccer games, to the awards ceremony, to end-of-year Mass, etc., etc., etc.?

Why don't dads schedule our children's activities? Why do parents always have time for everyone except themselves? Why do parents prefer to rest reading the newspaper than to play with our children? Why are parents always serious, following adult protocol? Why do parents forget that we were children and become serious and boring? Why don't dads tell our children stories at bedtime? Why don't dads sleep with them when they lovingly ask us to? Why don't dads joke with our children? Why do parents lose the spontaneity and imagination that we had when we were like our little ones? Why don't dads talk to our children? Why don't dads share their successes and failures with our children? And so, thousands of whys.

We have lost sight of the fact that time passes unnoticed without realizing it and that our little ones will grow suddenly to lead an independent life; There will be no more pacifiers and bottles, children's cakes and clowns parties, mud wars, picnics, days of sleeping next to them because they are afraid, magical adventures, etc. The time will be over for taking them to music, karate, swimming and gymnastics classes, watching a movie together as a family eating popcorn, going out all together to a restaurant that has games, going to the club, family trips. The fights over going to the window will be over and they will go from the back seat to driving the car and their own lives. Let's take advantage now that we have time to live and coexist with them, let's be careful of these important moments and the beautiful opportunities that life gives us to share them with them, let's not lose sight of the little great things that they see. I do not know if the parents finally decide to stay or not, of what I am sure is that our little ones will grow faster than we can imagine '.

Raúl Martínez Caso. Reader of our site

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