Babydream Sonnenspray

The cosmetic provides very high protection against sunlight (50SPF - recommended especially for children). The preparation is waterproof, without fragrances. enriched panthenol and vitamin E. Plus also for low price and good availability (at least in season), at Rossmann drugstores. The advantage is also good sun protection - and only this feature meant that the product did not join our list of parent kits.

That's all about its good features. Others are much worse.

First of all, minus for package. Pressing the separator means that the spout will pour out a smeared cosmetic. The dispenser that is intended to facilitate the application is completely useless. In addition, it often causes the cream to shoot and dirty around objects. Even by gently maneuvering the button, it is impossible to get the cosmetic as much as needed.

After lubrication the body is white (you need to massage for a long time for the cosmetic to absorb). It appears on the skin fat film. The epidermis is unpleasant shines. The effect of earthy, unhealthy skin is not indicated, whether it is for an adult or a child.

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