5 tips if the child does not want to read

Not all children devour books. Not everyone likes reading. Just as a child may not like to play soccer, there are children who are not motivated to read. Can we do something to change this?

1. Don't dramatize: The first thing to do if a child refuses to read is to remove the drama, and accept that it is an option as valid as any other. Reading has many benefits, but if a child does not read, nothing happens.

2. Do not blame their attitude: If we are constantly reminding him that he does not read, or we reproach him for this gesture at all hours, the only thing we will achieve is to make the situation worse and for the child to associate the reading with something negative.

3. Do not make comparative grievances: Comparing siblings to each other or a child to another is totally counterproductive and is discouraged in education. This damages your self-esteem and does not encourage you to improve, but rather makes you feel inferior.

4. Discover your skills: Perhaps the child does not have a great reading ability, but a cognitive one. Maybe what you like is the image. Find out what your child's abilities are.

5. Find material that motivates you: If your child does not like to read, but he does like to see images, perhaps a comic book or some art prints will motivate him much more. Drawings tell stories too ...

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