Songs to jump rope

Those unforgettable summers of our childhood where we played traditional games that our parents transmitted to us are a heritage that should not be lost. That is why we are rescuing the old games for the children of today. Games like the rope, with all those songs that are never forgotten.

To play rope you need several children, the more the merrier, a thick rope and many want to have fun jumping rope. It is not too material and does not require an elaborate strategy to make children bored with this game. Once they are all ready, two children take the ends of the rope and move it in an arc through which the rest of the children will have to jump.

A single child or several children can jump rope, in turns or all at the same time. In any case, it is a very dynamic game that encourages physical exercise in children, develops agility, coordination and endurance. And of course, rope jumps are always accompanied by unforgettable songs and very funny.

- The boatman. As the boat passes, the boatman told me, pretty girls don't pay money. I am not pretty, nor do I want to be, when the boat of Santa Isabel passes. Up the boat, one, two and three.

- The queen of the seas. I am the queen of the seas and you are going to see it. I throw my handkerchief into the water and pick it up again. Handkerchief, handkerchief, who could keep you in your pocket like a sheet of paper.

- I'll read the stroller. I will read the stroller, he told me last night I will read, that if I wanted to read, I will ride a car. And I told him I will read, with a great salt shaker I will read, I don't want a car I will read, that I will get dizzy I will read.

- Scissors. I have scissors that open and close, I touch the sky, I touch the earth, I kneel down and go outside.

- Red pepper. With red, blue and green peppers, Miss X wants to get married. And she does not want to know who her boyfriend is, Mr. X who is a bud. Sapling face, do you love me? yes, no, yes, no ...

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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