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"Depression. How to help yourself and your loved ones? "

Understanding depression ... This is probably the key to success, allowing you to deal with what is so difficult to face today. Even more so because depression affects many people today, according to WHO, it is the 4th most serious disease causing havoc in society all over the world.

This disease does not know age, gender, education, does not pay attention to the contents of the portfolio or professional position. Everyone can fall ill with it: adult and child, woman and man, person in a relationship and single. The disease can "visit" the patient for several days a year or stay with him for many months or even years. It is often confused with other ailments. He hides in recurrent stomach ache, headache, palpitations, poor basic blood test results. That is why it is difficult to diagnose.Is what I feel like depression? How to recognize "ordinary" sadness, deterioration of mood caused by even very unpleasant situations in life from what should be diagnosed as a disease? How can you help your loved one, when depressed, withdraws from life and is unable to function in society? When are the signals sent by the body symptoms of depression?

Dorota Gromnicka tries to answer these questions. He does it in a detailed way, analyzing a dozen different examples, describing cases of illness.

There is no room for ambiguity or understatement. There are a lot of tips that allow you to motivate the patient adequately to his abilities, strengthen his will to live, help in matters that overwhelm him, support in undertaking therapy. The author explains how to show patience, care for the health of the patient, how to praise and how to talk so as not to harm, but help.

"Depression. How can you help yourself and your loved ones? ‚ÄĚThis is obviously not a guide to treat depression. With it, however, you can take an important step on the path to regaining strength and joy of life.

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