The bad temper in children is a symptom of intelligence

The University of New South Wales, Australia, has conducted a study on people's moods. Investigations revealed that bad mood is a sign of high IQ.

That is, children who are cranky may be a headache for their parents because bad mood is a difficult quality to handle, however, behind all that genius, it turns out, hides ... a great ingenuity!

The study was conducted on a number of people, manipulating their mood. For this they were asked to watch some movies and used movies and to think about positive and negative events in their lives. The conclusion was:

- The sadness and bad mood improves the ability to judge others.

- The states of anger increase memory.

- The bad temper stimulates the ability to arguewhereas optimistic children have an easier time creating and cooperating.

- Children and grumpy people process information better in difficult situations and give better responses to difficult situations in life.

That children go through phases in which they have a worse temperament is part of their development, as they grow, they will begin to question everything, from having to eat cookies for breakfast to the clothes we have prepared for them to go to school. I think that questioning what happens around you is highly positive and we should not restrict the child when he does it, it stimulates his critical thinking, however, if his temperament is excessive, if we can put some measures:

- Encourage you to express in words what you feel and not with yelling or hitting.

- Teach him to withdraw from situations or people who significantly upset you.

- If it explodes, we must ask you to go to your room and we will explain that We will ignore you until you calm down.

- We must be an example, and not show an excessive character in habitual and everyday situations, children observe everything.

In short, if your child has a bad temper, control his explosions, but think that it is possible that under certain circumstances, he ends making better decisions and be more analytical than kids with an easier character.

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