Advantages and disadvantages of the shared room for children

Advantages and disadvantages of the shared room for children

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When there are two or more children in the family, it is time to consider how to distribute them in the house: is it more advantageous for them to share a room, or would this decision be counterproductive as it could frustrate the individual development of the children?

On many occasions, it is the limited space in the home that encourages parents to choose to have their children share a room. Although in other cases, everything can depend of the advantages and disadvantages that this decision can bring to our children.

1. A greater bond is created between the siblings since they have a common space in which to share confidences and games.

2. Makes children more supportive when it comes to sharing their toys or more precious objects, and jealousy between siblings decreases.

3. The brothers are coordinated in habits and schedules, what is more advantageous for parents.

4. Children feel more secure when they go to sleep since they have the company of their brothers.

5. It favors the rest of the children since the security that feeling accompanied reduces their fears and favors relaxation.

6. It's more fun for kids since in addition to sharing confidences they can share games before going to sleep.

1. It generates insecurity when they do not have the figure of their brother / sister by their side, since they get used to your company.

2. The awakening of one of the brothers may disturb the sleep of the other, although sometimes children get used to it and do not hear the cries of their siblings at night and sleep peacefully despite the screams of their roommate.

3. You can alter sleep behaviors until they get used to the new routines.

4. Makes them less independent when making some decisions.

5. They lose to some extent part of their individual identity not having its own independent space.

6. In pre-adolescence and adolescence, experts recommend that children have their own space since at these ages they feel a need for intimacy and individuality that helps them develop their own identity.

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