What sports should be avoided during pregnancy

One of the first things that the gynecologist or midwife recommends to the pregnant woman is to play sports. But not just any exercise is worth it. exist beneficial sports during pregnancy and others that are harmful.

Also, if the woman who has just become pregnant did not practice any sport before, it is not recommended that she start practicing an intense activity or sport.

The matron Susana De la Flor, Cummater recommends using common sense, and look for a sport according to the physical form of the woman you just got pregnant. Here are his tips:

1. If the pregnant woman previously practiced a lot of sport, she may demand more. Otherwise, it will be better not to force the body.

2. You can do practically all sports using common sense, but you have to take into account whether the woman has played sports before or not. A woman who has not played sports in recent years cannot do intense sports during pregnancy.

According to the midwife, they are those that imply a great impact on the body or risk of falls or constusions, especially in the abdominal area. Advise:

1. Avoid certain sports how are the impact on the ground. For example:

- run on asphalt

- running on a treadmill

- aerobics, because they are always jumps.

- Exercises that involve certain violence, blows or certain risks, such as martial arts, skydiving, paragliding or skiing, should be avoided.

There are other sports that are beneficial for the woman's body and do not involve risks. Of all of them, there is one especially good for pregnant women:

1. The swimming, which prevents the feeling of abdominal overweight.

2. Running on an elliptical, you can cycle (better exercise bike than on the roads, because that also has an impact).

According to the matron Susana De la Flor, it is essential avoid raising too much heart rate. When the pregnant woman is doing sports and notices that her heart rate rises above 110, she should slow down. Therefore, relaxation exercises, such as yoga or some Pilates exercises, may be a better option during pregnancy.

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