Parents should be aware of what their children eat

Good eating habits should be instilled in children from the earliest stages and from home. Controlling everything our children eat is not easy, so it is important that, from a very young age, we instill healthy eating habits in them.

Only a balanced and varied diet can avoid problems such as obesity, discomfort in the bones, prevent diseases, and eating disorders.

Everything that children eat should be controlled because, after all, children's health depends largely on their diet. The Asociation 5 a day proposes some guidelines for children to maintain a healthy diet:

1-. Make the children eat breakfast at home, and in the most complete way possible, that is, with fruits, cereals and dairy.

2- Don't let them sting between meals. Avoiding it helps to end the complaints and negatives towards food.

3- Give fruit or sandwiches for a snack at school recess, and avoid pastries.

4- That the children's diet is varied and includes different food groups.

5- Prevent children from entertaining themselves while eating. Television is not a good ally for the child to eat well.

6- Make the dishes more attractive, varied and original. That the children participate in the purchase and in the selection of the products and the menus. Encourage them to come into the kitchen, cook, and try new flavors.

7- Do sports. Walking, taking a walk in the open air, riding a bike, etc., to balance and improve physical and mental health.

8- Drink water and natural juices. Avoid sodas and other sugary and carbonated drinks.

9- Always have a fruit on hand. Do not leave fruit at home. Having whole, easy-to-eat or even chopped fresh fruits in the fridge encourages their consumption at any time of the day.

10- Cook healthy. Reduce the frying of precooked foods. It is best for children to eat boiled, baked, sautéed, iron and steam foods, because they contain less added fat.

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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