Geometric figures. Didactic poetry for children

'The geometric figures' is a short and rhyming poetry whose protagonists are a square, a triangle, a rectangle, a circle ...

The objective of this children's poem is none other than teach children in an entertaining and simple way to play with geometric figures. You will see how they like it!

Geometric figures

they went to play one day,

and together they decided

prove your worth.

They built a house

the triangle was the roof,

the rectangle the door,

windows two squares.

Y the circle what i was looking at

he was sorry

Well none of the three

I had thought of him.

That was what he believed

because at the moment they said:

"You can be a great sun"

And everyone had fun.

Later the trapezoid and the rhombus

to play they also joined,

and around the house

the scenery beautified.

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