Baby cradle cap

The cradle cap It is an inflammatory process of the skin of the scalp, characterized by the presence of yellowish, whitish or gray scales, strongly adhered to the scalp. It usually appears in the first weeks of life and remits before 3 years of age. The appearance of the scab is greasy and, despite its name, it has nothing to do with milk or feeding the baby.

It can also appear in the folds of the skin, on the forehead, between the eyebrows, on the eyebrows, in the area around the mouth and on the back and inside of the ears, but in these cases it receives another name.

And is that cradle cap is a type of seborrheic dermatitis, a skin disorder that appears in areas where there are a large number of sebaceous glands. It is called cradle cap when it affects the head and seborrheic dermatitis when it affects other parts of the body.

Generally, it is transmitted from parents to children and worsens with the use of inappropriate products. Its appearance can be influenced by an excess production of fat from the sebaceous glands or an increase in the population of certain microorganisms that usually live on the skin, like a yeast called Malessezia. Contrary to what it may seem, it is not an allergic problem and it is not contagious.

The scabs go away without treatment, but to improve the appearance of the baby's head you can:

- Apply oil or petroleum jelly on the scab. The baby oil or petroleum jelly should be applied with a massage and kept for at least half an hour. Afterwards, wash the hair with a neutral baby shampoo. For the Vaseline to have more effect, you can cover the baby's head with a cloth soaked in warm water, making sure that it does not get cold so that the child's temperature does not drop.

- Daily shampoo. Wash the head every day while the scales last with a selenium, zinc, tar, or keluidin shampoo, and then rinse well.

- Gentle massages. Gently massage her head every day with your fingers, for about five minutes.

Avoid removing scabs with a brush, no matter how soft it is. It is also not advisable to use your nails to lift the scab because we could cause injuries, which can later become infected. If the scab persists after treatment, it is advisable consult with the pediatrician before starting a corticosteroid treatment.

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