Why do children have swirls in their hair

They are usually present in the head although they can also appear in other parts of the body, it is strange not to have any and there are those who have more than 3. They are difficult to tame and it is impossible to kill them: they are the eddies!

The swirls in the hair are those pieces of hair that grow differently from the rest of the hair. In fine or very short hair they are easy to see and identify but the biggest problem comes because even if you comb the child well, the lock will be placed again at will.

The most common eddies are those that follow clockwise, only 10% of people have it from left to right. The swirl at the crown is the most common but can appear on the bangs, on the nape or on the side of the head.

Experts indicate that the amount of eddies and even their shape depend on genetics. Although some studies connect the direction of eddies with right- or left-handed people.

- Let my hair wear longer: in short hair the swirls are more evident and difficult to control, however, with long hair the force of gravity causes the hair to fall down.

- Don't change its meaning: There is no use trying to make the hair go the other way, simply let yourself be guided by the swirls to make the hair part on one side or the other.

- Water and dryer: moisten the hair and apply heat with the dryer, with the help of the comb try to tame the hair and, at least, not stand on end.

- No to gels: in children avoid the use of gummies, waxes and gels to carry out the hairstyle. If you can't handle the swirl, join it and give your kid a fun, tousled hairstyle.

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