Barbie without makeup

Barbie dolls were discussed and at the same time criticized in many ways: in terms of proportions, appearance of the legs, neck length, hip width, propagating the impossible figure, not paying attention to the doll's "intellect" and focusing on the superficiality. However, what Nickolay Lamm recently did, the artist and scientist, "relieves" the legendary toy in a different way: it deprives it of strong makeup.

The experiment was not about making the doll look bad (with shadows under the eyes, tired face, imperfections), but to deprive her of makeup and make her look more natural. Lamm and his helper removed the make-up from several dolls graphically and thus attracted a lot of interest on the Internet. Photos have been circulating online for a week and causing a wave of comments.

The effect is surprising. As the artist says: "People have become so used to Barbie with sharp makeup that the" without "effect seems to them just not nice ..."

However, Lamm has a different opinion. I suggest introducing Barbie dolls without makeup, more natural and more beautiful according to him.

And what do you think about it?