How to teach children to win

We all like to win, but there are different ways to win. There is the toxic way to gain that you like because it leaves others below you and healthy way to win that it is done with humility and that you have the effort and dedication as the best friends to achieve it.

In the case of way win toxic,It does not matter what means are used to achieve it, nor does it matter whether or not the feelings of others are hurt. This way of winning has only one objective: to win. Children (and also adults) who feel that this way of winning is the right one, is when we are faced with a feeling (real but hidden) of insecurity and inferiority.

People who want to win at all costs and be above others are people who need to show others that they are above, that they have better capabilities (although they don't really feel that way). These people, if they have children, will find it difficult to change that 'chip' to teach the little ones to win without competitiveness, something that without a doubt the little ones can seriously harm their self-esteem in their relationship with others.

The people who have a healthy way of earning will be those who will pass on to their children the value of effort, teamwork and perseverance. These parents will be able to teach children that the path is much more important than the goal, and that if it is not won absolutely nothing happens because what really matters is having tried and made an effort to achieve it.

As you can imagine the healthy way to win is what all boys and girls need to learn in order to increase your self esteem and your personal confidence. Children need to know that they are believed, they must feel that they are capable of doing it but that winning or losing will be secondary. And these children who will value effort and dedication, but if they win it will be good but if they lose it will be learning ... they will be the ones who really win.

On the other hand, children who are subjected to their parents wanting them to win at all costs, that toxic competition is what moves their lives ... these children will suffer stress, anxiety, constant worry ... they will really be children who will not enjoy of what they do and they will only want to show others that they can do it, instead of proving it to themselves. This type of teaching, which shows that the result is what really matters, is the one that encourages children, for example, to cheat on exams.

The best way to teach children to win is to focus on effort, dedication and let the little ones see that the result is only part of the way.

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