Time for mom

Mommy, how beautiful you are - a visit to the beautician

When it gets warm outside, most of us throw off our warm jackets to catch some sunshine. Just what to cheat here: after the winter, neither the complexion nor the body look attractive, and child care takes all the free time. In the evening we fall tired on the couch, we have no head to take care of ourselves .... but it may be worth changing. Of course, if only we are patient and we still have energy after taking care of the child, take care of ourselves, then congratulations, but if not - go to a beautician. There is nothing to charm, this pleasure will cost a little, but after the first treatment you will probably forget about all problems and feel extremely rested. What treatment will be appropriate, how it works and how much does it cost? You will learn this by reading on.

For reduction cellulitu

Body wrapping - during the procedure, the beautician puts a cosmetic on the body, and then wraps the whole or selected parts in foil. It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids before surgery to enhance cellulose exchange. The treatment is primarily to improve blood circulation, accelerate fat burning and reduce cellulite. It is worth using the treatment especially after delivery, when the skin is not very elastic and has visible cellulite. The effect of the treatment is also a slim figure. The treatment lasts about 30-40 minutes, a series of 10-15 treatments is recommended, so that the final result is satisfactory. Price 100-150 for one treatment. Contraindication is pregnancy, heart and kidney disease and varicose veins.

Ultrasounds - during the procedure, the beautician moves a special head with a flat bottom on the body smeared with a special gel. The treatment is especially recommended to fight cellulite and reduce body fat. After the treatment, the skin is more hydrated and the muscles relaxed. Ultrasound exfoliates the epidermis and accelerates its regeneration. Contraindications are pregnancy, cancer and skin diseases.
The treatment lasts about 30 minutes, and its price is usually between 70 - 150 zlotys.

For beautiful smoothness

Epilation - involves the removal of unwanted hair by the selected method. Of course, you can perfectly depilate your skin at home, but the methods used in the salon will help us get rid of hair for longer. The beautician will remove the hair on legs, face, armpits or intimate areas with great precision.
Mostly wax is used for hair removal. The beautician will cover the selected place with a warm wax and then remove the hair using special patches. The price of the treatment depends on the depilated body part from 20-100 PLN. A contraindication to waxing is inflammation of the skin, varicose veins, freshly tanned skin (whereas when it comes to pregnancy, waxing can only be done at the beginning, then it is inadvisable due to the pain and stress that accompanies the treatment).

Massage for better blood supply

Endermology (lipomasage) - during the procedure we put on a special costume and the beautician performs a full body massage with a special head (there are electronic rollers inside). Lipomassage improves blood circulation, removes toxins and excess fluid. Perfectly works against cellulite and slims the figure. Several treatments will make stretch marks or scars after cesarean section almost invisible. The treatment lasts about 30 minutes, and sky-high effects can be seen after the 10th treatment. Price: PLN 100-150 for one treatment. Contraindication is pregnancy, varicose veins, cancer and skin inflammation.

To make the eye frame more beautiful

Henna and eyebrow regulation - involves coloring eyebrows with henna and then adjusting them. The treatment will make your eyebrows look clearly and aesthetically. The beautician can also tint eyelashes with henna, and the effect will be a darker color. Contraindications are skin inflammation and henna allergy - you can safely use this treatment while pregnant. The treatment takes about 15-20 minutes and its price is 15-50 PLN.

A moment for beautiful hands

Manicure - during the procedure, the beautician will take care of our hands. Cut the cuticles, align the nail plate, give it the right shape, and finally paint the nails with conditioner, chosen color and hardener. A good cosmetician will also perform a decent hand peeling and finish the massage with a little cream. The treatment lasts about 20 minutes, and the price ranges from 20 to 50 PLN. Contraindication is ringworm and psoriasis, so there is no fear that you will get infected by performing them. Pregnant mothers can safely use the treatment. If, however, we want to extend the nails, the beautician will suggest using tips or filling with a special mass. If we decide on gel tips, the beautician will use a gel that will cure them with a UV lamp, the nails will look natural. However, if we choose the acrylic method, which involves applying acrylic mass, we get a very durable and resistant to any damage surface. The price of extending gel or acrylic nails looks similar, it ranges from about 50 to 120 PLN, depending on the place of the procedure and decorations made during it.

Paraffin treatment - involves peeling, applying a moisturizing mask and wetting your hands in warm paraffin. The beautician will put on plastic gloves and then warm cotton gloves. The treatment will make your hands moisturized, nourished and smooth. Paraffin can also be used on the feet, and the procedure itself takes about twenty minutes. Price around 30 zlotys. Contraindications are the same as for manicure, so you can safely go for a pregnancy treatment.

A treatment for well-groomed feet

Pedicure - during the procedure, the beautician cares for our feet. It will shorten, clean and filed nails, and, if necessary, soften and get rid of dead skin from heels. If we feel like it, he will additionally perform a special foot massage and paint his nails. If we have a problem with corns, calluses or ingrown nails, the beautician will cope with them during the therapeutic pedicure. Contraindication for the procedure is ringworm, thrush, psoriasis, and foot inflammation. Especially pregnant women can benefit from the procedure, the procedure has no contraindications in this case, but it will greatly facilitate care when we have a fairly large tummy. Price of the treatment from 30-100 PLN.

For smoothing the face

Microdermabrasion - during the procedure, the beautician will wipe the skin with a special device. The procedure can be performed on both the face and the whole body - usually the neckline and back. It is completely painless, and significant effects can be seen after about six treatments. Microdermabrasion perfectly helps to get rid of acne, discoloration, scars, cellulite and unfortunate postpartum stretch marks. Contraindication is psoriasis, ringworm, skin inflammation, cancer and pregnancy. Price from 80-160 PLN.

I know that some of you will immediately think - "this is not for me, it is so expensive", especially since the needs of a small child are huge and consume most of the household budget. But if we want to minimize the visibility of stretch marks or improve the firmness of the skin on the abdomen, then no cream will help, even the most expensive as well-chosen treatment. If we want visible results, unfortunately a specialist's treatment will be necessary. Maybe it is worth starting to save a few pennies (instead of buying another cream for stretch marks), after a few months to visit a beauty salon, and then only have only pleasant memories after pregnancy and zero imperfections.