The violent fights of parents at children's soccer games

They say that soccer raises passions. We know, it can happen ... but in a children's soccer game, passions must be controlled. If not, this can happen: some mothers lose their nerves and get into a fight. One of them lashes out at the other to defend her son, who had been insulted. The images are an example of what should never happen in a soccer game (or any other sport) between children.

In the images you can see how a mother starts the fight, grabbing the hair of another of the mothers who watched the game. Apparently, the aggressor heard how the other woman called her son 'blind', who has been wearing glasses since she was a baby. Two men also join the fight. The match that is played between the Casino and the Club Atlético Río Tercero (Córdoba, Argentina), it stops so the boys can come and see what happens. To try to put some peace in the stands. Between his own parents.

Imagine that your child is playing on the soccer field. He has learned that sport is companionship, respect, and also effort and perseverance. He has learned many values ​​and tries not to lose his temper and throw them all overboard. At some point his foot will go away, right, because he will get nervous. But he knows that it is wrong, and that football is by no means all that.

He knows ... but on the other hand he sees his mother or father, in the stands, insulting the referee, insulting the rival... and suddenly, grabbing her neighbor's hair and getting into a violent fight ...

What will your child think at that time? What kind of counter value is he learning? Everything they taught you ... what's it for?

Unfortunately it is not the first time that something like this has been seen. Parents often take their children's games too seriously. And they forget that it is a sport. And they forget at a stroke the values ​​that they must transmit with a sport. Among them, that of tolerance and respect. In no case, that of violence.

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