Saint Jerome's Day, September 30. Names for boys

Jerónimo is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means "he who bears a sacred name". It is a name of exceptional beauty of meaning and with a special musicality that can be perfect for your child.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not strange or old-fashioned, but rather provides an original and distinguished touch. Celebrate your name day on September 30, which is Saint Jerome's day.

Because of the meaning of his name, Jerónimo has a great personality with a touch of mystery that makes her very attractive to others. Jerónimo triumphs in social relationships due to his open and dynamic character and his decisive capacity easily make him a leader. In addition, his sense of loyalty and responsibility lead him to commit himself to the maximum.

The name Jerónimo is known throughout the world thanks to the Greek tradition. Jerónimo or Gerónimo, find his English and French variant in Jerome and we especially like his Dutch version, Jeroen. In any case, we are facing one of those names that in a few years will gain popularity. The large number of references that we can make to Jerónimo may help you to choose your baby's name.

Occupies a privileged place the Apache chief Jerónimo for the legend generated around his figure in the world of cinema. Nor can we forget the little ones and their own literary hero, that mouse named Gerónimo Stilton.

But we meet many other personalities named after your son. Jerónimo de Cardia was a Greek historian and military man of the time of Alexander the Great, while Napoleon Bonaparte himself had a brother named Jerónimo.

More current, we have the Spanish detective novel writer Jerónimo Tristante. To know the origin and meaning of other names that celebrate your saint in the month of September, check our calendar of the names of saints in September.

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