Can a child be born with evil in his heart?

The childhood of my girl has made me remember mine a lot. There are boys and girls in her class who, according to her, are more “stupid”. So I remembered that I also ran into aggressive children. Those who always look very rebellious, who intentionally wanted us to see them as the bad guys on the ride. So I took on the task of investigating if it is possible that there are children with a tendency to evil and this I found:

There are two opposing philosophical currents. One says that human beings are born bad and another that says that human beings are born good and that society corrupts us. According to research developed by Yale University, children at birth, even before they develop language, have a tendency to kindness and prefer people who do good to people who hinder others.

Charles Darwin affirms that there is a genetic load that can determine our actions and that therefore two individuals exposed to the same environment react differently.

As a mother, I buy into the theory that we are born with nobility in heart and that we can make good people out of our children. That is why I bring you these recommendations.

- Set a good example: Act with kindness, detachment, do not speak badly of others, avoid saying things out loud like: he does not deserve it! Because if I'm doing things right, I'm doing so badly in this life! It is that being bad pays.

- Correct in a timely manner when he misbehaves and tell him what consequences his bad acts will have

- Avoid labeling or labeling a child: It is a very different thing to say: you behaved badly in the park, than to say you are a bad child that is why you always behave badly. Get out of your vocabulary: you are rude, you are useless, you are messy, you are rude. Check your language and just point out the moment when he did the wrong thing.

- Do not label the other children in front of him: there are bad kids, you don't want to be a bad kid, that kid is bad, etc.

- Avoid labeling positive: you are a good boy. And then when he misbehaves ... will he stop being a good boy? Is he then a bad boy? Be consistent.

- Talk about good and the benefits it brings.

- Act calmly In the face of aggressive behavior and avoid yelling at your child because doing so will be contradictory.

- Persevere in your teaching of good: Show him with love the positives of being good whenever you can. You will have to do it several times before he internalizes it.

- Reward him: If you see that he behaved well in circumstances in which he could have behaved badly, reward him and above all let him know the reason for this reward.

- Take care of the content you see: be careful with what is consumed in your home, television, movies and video games. Its contents can be highly violent or aggressive or, on the contrary, you can choose content with a moral and teaching kindness to your children.

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