Cradle or bassinet for the newborn?

Here we have one of the first questions from new parents. Cradle or bassinet? ... or both? On this issue there is a lot of difference of opinion: some prefer bassinets for their price and ease of movement, however, they will soon become too small and will soon have to change to a crib; Others however directly opt for a minicot or the definitive crib with some adapters.

Difficult choice that we will try to make you have a little clearer after telling you in some advantages and disadvantages that parents find with these two options.

The good thing about using the baby bassinet:

1- It is much cheaper than the crib.

2- More comfortable to move and move through the different rooms.

3- It is more collected and more comfortable for the newborn, who prefers small spaces at first.

4- It can be placed more easily in the parents' room, as it is smaller.

5- It is more comfortable when holding the baby because it is not as deep as a crib

Disadvantages of the bassinet:

1- It is more unstable than a crib, so if there are small siblings or animals in the house that can unbalance the crib, it is better not to choose this option

2- She is immediately small and you have to go to the crib. So the price in the end is double.

3- In a short time it will be one more thing to accumulate.

4- When the baby begins to sit or sit up it is dangerous, since it is shallower than a crib.

Advantages of the crib:

1- Although at first it is more expensive, when you only buy one during the entire baby stage, it will be cheaper.

2- Some have various heights, so when the baby is small it can be raised higher so that we do not have to bend down so much to pick it up, and later lower it so that it does not get out of the crib.

3- Although it is too big for a newborn baby, there are some reducers to put inside the crib and make the baby feel more protected.

4- Some turn into a mini-bed and it is very comfortable to later have to go from the crib to the bed.

Disadvantages of the crib:

1- It is bigger and therefore sometimes we may not fit inside our room.

2- The child feels lost in them when he is very young, although as we have already said there are reducers for cribs.

3- You have to be careful with the separation of the bars, which must be less than 6 centimeters and buy a protector so that the head does not slip between them.

4- Verify that the crib paint does not have lead as it is toxic.

5- You must choose a hard mattress, and anti-suffocation, in case the baby turns over, although this inconvenience can also occur in the bassinet.

Patricia fernandez. Editor of our site

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