Why are hurricanes given proper names

Names like Mathew, Katrina, Sandy, Igor, among others, have been used to name certain hurricanes but not in a whimsical or unforeseen way. This choice is due to an organization that has been implemented to appoint them.

Baptize with proper names to said atmospheric phenomena According to scientists and meteorologists, it is very useful to study them and to allow in a timely, fast and simple way, to issue alerts and alarms to the communities of the affected populations. In short, they facilitate communication.

TOyour son It will be useful to know the history behind the names of hurricanes and cyclones. For centuries the hurricanes of the Antilles were given the name of the saint whose date coincided with the storm in the place where it occurred.

Then the Australian meteorologist, Clement Lindley Wragge, began to name them with the letters of the Greek alphabet and later with women's names using biblical names.

Since 1953 the United States begins to baptize storms, cyclones and hurricanes also using women's names and in 1979 that same country decided to unify the lists and alternate between the names of both sexes.

Thus, each year a list is prepared with 21 names in alphabetical order, one name for each letter of the alphabet, already alternated between masculine and feminine. These lists are repeated every six years. In the event that more than 21 hurricanes occur in a year, continue with the letters of the alphabet Greek.

These are simple names in English and Spanish that are easy to remember, and a country affected by a very devastating hurricane can request that the name that received this phenomenon be removed from the list, which may not be used again for up to 10 years.

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