Mother for rent: the new surrogate mother business

The sign could read something like this: 'mother for rent'. And we are not referring to surrogacy or surrogacy, but to mothers already made and right, who rent their 'mother's advice' to those who need it. Incredible true? But ... do so many people really need a 'fake' mother?

Oddly enough, this business exists. The creator of 'Need a Mom' is named Nina keneally, is 64 years old and has more than 40 children (for rent). The business has emerged in New York, the great city where millions of people walk without looking at each other. So close and yet so far.

Nina understood that there are many unstructured families and many children wanting to really talk with a mother with whom they hardly have a relationship. Nina's 'children' are almost all in their twenties and simply need 'a mother to talk to'. They come home, stay a few days, or simply have a coffee and share with her that complicity that they lost with their biological mother. The price is 35 euros per hour.

Nina assures that she is not a psychologist. He knows nothing of that. She uses her mother profile to listen and nurture children who feel that their real mother is absent from their lives. And he only gives advice when asked. In fact, Nina assures that a great mistake of mothers is to constantly give adviceeven when children are not receptive.

Nina's clients prefer her to the therapists. Why? Because mothers have something special that no psychologist has: a sixth sense, an inexplicable intuition to understand everything instantly.

Why may there be so many people who need to rent a mother? Because the fast-paced world in which we live means that many 'absent mothers' exist unwittingly. They are mothers who put their work or personal life above all else and forget about their demanding role as mother. They are mothers who do make these mistakes:

- Give up your children in front of your personal life and as a couple.

- Devote all day to their work. Not seeing the children all day. Only some weekends.

- Being at home but not spending time with your children.

- Not being interested in the lives of their children: neither by the friends they play with, nor the homework they have to do for class.

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