There are stories that do not help us educate children

Educating in values ​​is a challenge for parents and teachers. First because it requires experience and example; and then because the necessary tools are not always available. I had just told her the story of the Red Hen and she asked me: Mom, the hen's neighbors did not want to help her but she did not want to share bread with them either. Do you think that is good?

I admit that I was somewhat perplexed by my little girl's observation. I had never thought about it, and of course, because we do not always have time to tell stories to children, mothers often turn on the automatic and tell the story without any kind of reflection. Well that happened to me and my daughter was absolutely right.

I don't know if you know or remember this story, because it tells the story of a hen that lived on a farm surrounded by a duck, a cat, a cow and a dog. One day the hen found a grain of wheat and decided to ask them for help to sow the wheat, then gather it, grind it, knead the flour and bake the bread, but they did not want to collaborate in any of the tasks with her. When the hen had prepared the bread, she asked them if they would like to enjoy it with her and of course, they all answered yes. Feeling offended that she had to do all the work herself, the hen tells them that she will not share bread with them, that only she and her chicks have the right to eat it. And there the story ends.

What do you think? The chicken's anger is understood, after all the animals did absolutely nothing to help her, but if you are going to tell it to a child, I think you should rethink it. On the one hand, the story shows that only with effort and work you can reap fruits, but on the other, I think that the hen takes steps back when she does not share bread with her companions. What's more, he asks them first if they want to eat the bread. If she didn't mean to share it, why is she asking if they want it? I think what the hen wanted was to punish her companions, right?

I think that a good conclusion can be reached if instead of just asking the companions for help to sow, gather and grind the wheat, knead and bake the bread, she explained beforehand what her plan was, that is, what she intended to do. with the big wheat he had found. Perhaps they would be more easily convinced to help her. The tasks would be distributed equally among everyone and in the end everyone would enjoy the bread. Do you agree or do you propose another ending? Or do you agree and this story is over?

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