The curve test detects gestational diabetes

Throughout pregnancy, women undergo various tests, some are used to know the status of the baby and others to assess our health throughout the gestation. One of them is the famous O'Sullivan test, also known as the glucose test or the curve test, do you know it? It is an analysis used to detect a possible case of gestational diabetes.

Today I came from taking the curve test, if you have never faced it, I hope my experience will help you to know what you are facing and what will happen during it.

The O'Sullivan test is usually performed, in general, between the second and third trimesters of pregnancy and first thing in the morning. In many health centers they do not ask you to go on an empty stomach, however, in my case, I had to go without breakfast and also carry the first urine in the morning.

The first test you go through is a blood test, of those that we do in pregnancy in which they take 5 or 6 tubes to know different data: if you have had toxoplasmosis, how are the blood values ​​...

If you think that with the blood test and your cotton wool on your forearm you are already going home for a toast with butter and jam or a bun, you are wrong. This has only just begun. That's when the nurse gives you a bottle containing 50 grams of glucose for you to drink.. Some pregnant women find it very unpleasant to drink the happy syrup, but in reality it is not so bad, the glucose level is not very high.

I recommend that you take a book, your mobile or anything else that entertains you because from that moment on, you have an hour ahead to be very still and calm. In my previous pregnancies they didn't even let me get up to go to the bathroom during that time.

After an hour, they prick you again and then yes ... now you can go for a croissant and a glass of milk! Today, while I was gathering my things, I was thinking about the bun that I had bought for after the test. It was already 10 in the morning and my guts were roaring in a wild party, but a thunderous voice warned me: 'don't have any sugar for the next 24 hours. My face must have been a poem. My criassant and I left the health center sad and crestfallen and crossing our fingers for not having to repeat it.

And is that, if the test gives risk of diabetes, you have to perform a second test known as oral glucose overload or long curve. And in it, they do say that the syrup is so sweet that it is hard to drink it, in addition the waiting time doubles, as well as the times they draw your blood.

In any case, it is a fundamental and very important test since untreated diabetes in pregnancy can be dangerous for both your baby and you.

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