You want to have a child: don't let the rice pass you!

More and more women attend the call of the wildAs far as looking for children is concerned, not before a certain love, economic and work stability occurs in their lives, and not before they have enjoyed life as a couple, which is understandable. But When is it stable enough? or is it not possible to enjoy it once you have a child?

If we stop to think, as we get older we will undoubtedly tend to have a better social status, perhaps we will be able to take off our mortgage or we will have the job that we have wanted so much or we have been able to travel the world ... Now is it? the expected moment? Not necessarily, we can always wish for a better house or a more relevant position. So ordering a child usually wait and wait, although it is part of our life project.

One of the causes that most compels us when considering having a child is, without a doubt, looking for a pregnancy before we can "pass the rice." Situation not too favorable to achieve success, since anxiety and haste are not recommended for this type of task. When we want a child, we want it yesterday and many times we realize that it was not as easy as we thought. Finding a child is sometimes difficult and depends on quite a few factors.

A friend of mine had her first child shortly after getting married, and yet his second son, it took him more than ten years to father him. She cannot find an explanation for why her first child cost her so little and her second child so much. It seems clear that just as couple situations can change, other physical, emotional, environmental, and work aspects can affect us when taking care of our baby.

Our life is often so planned that we plan when, how and where we want to order the stork. But, sometimes, this bird does not land in our house or cannon fire. We all know that we have a biological clock, which we must not forget, and before "the rice runs out", we must look for the fruit of our entrails, if it really is what we want. Be reflective? Of course I am. Wait for the best moment for us? Also; but, above all, take into account when our health and fertility continue to be good and the risks for us and our baby, less.

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