Snowman makeup. Kids customes

Do you want to learn how to make a snowman face painting? In We teach you how to make a fantasy makeup for Christmas in a very simple way.

This snowman makeup is perfect for a children's Christmas costume, remember to use hypoallergenic paint.

  • Makeup sponge
  • Brushes of various thicknesses
  • White, red, black, brown and orange paint

1. Make the head of the snowman in the middle of the eyebrows, use a makeup sponge and white paint. Then draw the body with a brush and fill it with the sponge, also white.

2. Draw the hat with a brush and black paint. With the same paint, draw the eyes, the smile and the buttons.

3. Make a small triangle with orange paint, it will be the nose. With red paint, draw the snowman's scarf.

4. With red paint draw the hat band and with brown paint paint some branches as arms.

5. All that remains is to draw a few snowflakes with a brush and white paint.

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