Children's names are our legacy to them

While I was waiting in the consultation, the nurse came out to call the next patient and said: Mrs. Dolores Fuertes de Barriga ... ha ha !; This is a joke, but it helps us to realize that when choosing a name for our child, many things have to be taken into account, such as the surnames that will follow. So much so, that we should avoid at all costs this type of jocular or rude combinations so as not to mark our son / daughter for life.

All people need a name and, sometimes, choosing the name of a child is almost a doctoral thesis on name days: sound, origin, historical characters, etymology, meaning, frequency ...

The point is that, curiously, knowing the name of a child, many times, we can discover something about the personality of their parents: their tastes, hobbies, and even their way of being and thinking. For example, my friends in the US, because of their Christian convictions, have named their children after the four evangelists; other parents, on the contrary, consider these names of the saints already very hackneyed and explore new possibilities by going to little-used names or a language other than their mother tongue, such as Basque, English, Italian names ... because within the environment in which your child will move, they will sound exotic and will be unusual.

There are those who are more carried away by the fashions or idols of the day, and those who look for other more common aspects, such as that the chosen name combines well with the surnames, that it is simple, short or compound ..., that they belong to a certain character of the family, of the history or of the present. Anecdotes about names there are thousands, my husband tells me that he was the one who named his youngest brother because when he was two years old he approached his mother's belly and called him: Daviiiiii, that is, David.

Many times, not only parents participate in choosing a name, since they usually ask for approval from the family or friends about whom they shuffle, and then, they are lost!, Because there is nothing written about tastes and it will rain on them such a number of suggestions, pros and cons, that they will be back to the beginning. What does seem clear is that the trends in name search are changing.

Traditionally, they used to put the name belonging to or related to the intrahistory and roots of the family: the name of the father or mother, that of the grandfather, grandmother, great-grandfather ..., in fact, my friend Casimiro is called that because there are several generations of his family who had that name, and although his mother did not consent to put it because it was old and out of use, his father went to the civil registry and named him Casimiro, to continue the tradition of his family (a little displeasure for his mother).

Personally, I do not like children to be called after parents for the simple fact of not having to ask: But who does he refer to, the father or the son? In fact, in the US they end up referring Junior to avoid confusion, which seems silly to me because, in the end, nobody knows him by the name he really has.

Although your son may change his name in the Civil Registry when he is older, your choice of name for him should not be a trauma for years. And although it is our personality and not our name that makes us special and unrepeatable, I am convinced that naming a baby is a privilege; it is part of our legacy to him, and it is something that we carry from our parents forever. So, we keep thinking!

Patro Gabaldon

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