Singer Adele explains what a mother with postpartum depression feels like

'I felt that having my son had made the worst decision of my life'. So with these harsh words the famous singer Adele explains openly what a woman with postpartum depression feels, a taboo subject that many women try to hide, for fear of being branded as 'bad mothers'.

Postpartum depression is estimated affects 3 out of 10 women who have just given birth. And yet very few know any of them ... why? Because it is still a topic that mothers themselves 'hide'.

Perhaps with gestures like this, the issue of postpartum depression begins to be seen as something natural, which can happen to any mother, regardless of condition or race. It is the same to be excited and have been looking for pregnancy for a long time than to have suddenly found the news. The fact is that pregnancy is lived with illusion, and when the baby is born, it just happens, without further ado.

Singer Adele acknowledges that in the months after childbirth felt a terrible feeling of suffocation, of being trapped in a place that did not belong to her, of having made a decision that she regretted:

'I had a serious postpartum depression and it scared the hell out of me. I was obsessed with my son. I felt very inadequate, as if I had made the worst decision of my life... You don't want to be with your son ... You feel worried about whether you might hurt him and whether you are not doing a good job. '

The singer confesses that it is a subject that affects too many mothers who try to cover their situation. In fact, she herself claims to have spoken with four friends with postpartum depression who they never wanted to tell their family what was happening to them. And she recognizes that women often become mothers because of social pressure, 'because that's what adults do' ... she says.

Having postpartum depression does not mean that a mother does not love her child, but thinks that she is not prepared to take care of him correctly. Suddenly his life is turned upside down and his intimate and personal spaces are blurred until they almost disappear. Many women feel that they are suffocating, that they cannot with that load... And yet it is not optional. Postpartum depression deals with hormonal, genetic, psychological and circumstantial factors, and can last for several months. Here are its symptoms.

- You should be happy, but you're not.

- You feel like crying constantly. It is a deep sadness.

- Anxiety, stress, anger.

- Difficulty to sleep.

- You feel like you can hurt your baby.

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