Trick to teach children to multiply by eight

Yes the table of number 8 It is one of the multiplication tables that is most difficult for children to memorize. But with this trick, it won't be so difficult anymore. To do this, you only need a sheet of paper and a pen. You will see how simple! offers you a fantastic trick for your child to learn the multiplication table of the number eight No problem.

1. First, write down the operations to be carried out on the table of eight, from 8x1 to 8x10. Fill in the simplest: 8x1, which is 8 and 8x10, which is 80.

2. Now, fill in the column on the left, putting the number from 1 to 7. But be careful ... the number 4 is repeated! Thus, the results of 8x5 as 8x6, should start with 4.

3. Once you've filled in the entire column on the left, start filling in the column on the right. How? Very easy: this time we start from the number 2, from the bottom up, and counting in pairs: the 2, the 4, the 6, the 8, the 0, the 2, the 4 ...

4. You have already completed the table! What is very simple?

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