Once upon a time there was a Twelfth Night. Christmas story for children

King's Night it is a magical night for children. The little ones look forward to the gifts from the Three Kings. It is a fabulous night to tell this story to children.

'Once upon a Twelfth Night' tells the story of that shooting star that guides the Magi to the portal of Bethlehem, and today, to the homes of the little ones so that the Magi can bring their gifts.

In all the houses, the children slept peacefully, dreaming of the gifts they had written in their letters to the Magi. But in one of those houses a boy, Oscar, could not sleep. He was so nervous that he kept running from his bed to the dining room and from the dining room to his bed, to see that everything was in place:

1. Three pieces of nougat, for Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar.

2. A pair of shoes so they know where to leave their gifts.

3. Three glasses of water for Mechalbeló, Joker the joker and Barbas the hairy, the three camels of the Magi.

- 'Oscar, it's time to go to bed'. Oscar's mother took the little boy to his bed, put him to bed and smiled at him.

- 'But mommy, I want to wait awake for the Three Wise Men, how will they find me?'

- 'That depends on you, on all the children, and on a little shooting star ...'

- 'Who is that shooting star?'

And Oscar's mother told him this story:

'It was a magical night, like today, but a long time ago, white snowflakes fell from the sky, like dancers dancing to a song, leaving behind a brilliant white cloak. There, in the heights, in the house of the stars, they had all come from distant kingdoms. They all competed to be the brightest… There was a very red star, saying it was the best. And another silver with a body of ice that gave off diamonds as it passed ...

But suddenly, out of all the stars, a timid voice was heard saying: 'I also want to try it'. They were all amazed: the one who spoke was a small star, very small. None of them trusted her, but the little star closed her eyes very hard and thought ... 'I'm brilliant, I'm brilliant' ... but when she opened her eyes, only the laughter of the rest could be heard ...

A gust of wind threw her, and she fell into a dark place ... full of rocks ... And when she touched, she discovered that she was inside a ... mouth! It turned out to be the mouth of the Wise King Balthazar. The star came out of the king's mouth, and he discovered that next to him two more wise men traveled. The Kings loved the presence of the star. They asked her what she is doing there ... and she, ashamed, said that she had fallen from the sky.

King Belshazzar told her that she could help them. How ?, said the star, If I am small and barely shine!

- 'You are not small- said the wizard king- You will be the children's star, the one that guides us to the wishes of the children. Close your eyes and concentrate… you will hear the voices of the children asking for their wishes. You will lead us to them ... '

So it was. Since then, the fleeting star is in charge every Christmas of bringing the Magi to the dreams of children. Every time it shines more and more, because what makes a little star shine more is its heart.

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